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AFP Siembra (Spanish) Pension Fund Management.Translate

Aguaita! (Spanish) One of the first Dominican Republic Search Engines. Translate

AMERISPAN/ Dominican Republic (English) AmeriSpan specializes in Spanish Immersion, Volunteer/Intern and Educational Travel programs throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Spain.  Translate

Asociación de Bancos Comerciales de la República Dominicana, Inc. (Spanish) A private non-profit organization that includes all commercial banks that operate in the Dominican Republic. Translate

Asociación Iberoamericana de Cámaras de Comercio (AICO) (Spanish) An international organism that associates, reunites and represents more than 400 compatible Chambers of Commerce, Associations, Corporations and Organizations. It includes a directory on the Chambers of Commerce of the Dominican Republic. Translate

Banco BHD (Spanish) We are an innovating Bank responding to the confidence of a demanding public.  Translate

Bancos - Citibank (República Dominicana) (Spanish) One of the largest Financial Institutions.  Translate

Banco de Reservas de la Republica Dominicana (Spanish) A Dominican Financial Institutions.  Translate

Banco Dominicano del Progreso (Spanish) A Dominican Financial Institution.  Translate

Banco Popular Dominicano (Spanish) A Dominican Financial Institution. Translate

Banco León (Spanish) A Dominican Financial Institution. Translate

Banks of the Caribbean

Barceló & Compañía (Spanish) A Rum distillery factory established in 1930. Translate

Bermúdez - J. Armando Bermúdez & Co. C.por A. (Spanish) Our mission is to produce the most authentic Dominican rum. Translate

Bienvenidos a Ferreteria Haché Website (Spanish) Shop online at Ferretería Haché Store. Translate

B &R Agencias Navieras
(English/Spanish) The flagship company of one of the largest and most diversified marine services group in the Dominican Republic (established 1919). Translate

Brugal Online Fundamentally, the name and the mark of an insurmountable range of Rums. The company includes other lines, such as cattle ranch, veterinary and pharmaceutical products, agriculture, ecology, distribution of reputed international alcoholic beverages and the endorsement of community services.  Translate

Cámara de Comercio de Santo Domingo (Spanish) A private and autonomous institution established since 1948 to foresee the stability and development of the economic activities of the nation, to harmonize the public and private sectors and to offer services of support and promotion to the commerce and the industry of the Dominican Republic  Translate

Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (English) Cerveza Presidente, a pilsner beer brewed in the Dominican Republic by Cervecería Nacional Dominicana since 1929. This brand has become a symbol of Dominican pride and has gained the recognition of the millions of tourists who visit the Dominican Republic every year. Cerveza Presidente, is now available by the box in New York City. The Cervecería Nacional Dominicana has entrusted Martlet Importing Company, owned by Molson Breweries USA, a subsidiary of the Miller Brewing Company, with the distribution in New York City. Translate

Cerveza Presidente (Spanish) The "Cerveza Presidente" official website.
http://www.presidente.com.do/  Translate

Cine - Cartelera (Spanish) A selection of movie films that are currently exhibited in cinemas around the country, courtesy of DOMINICANA.COM Translate

Citibank (Dominican Republic) (Spanish) A Financial Institution.  Translate

Coldwell Banker North Coast - Dominican Republic Real Estate (English) Properties in all price ranges in Sosua, Cabarete and Punta Cana. Apartments, condos, houses, villas, homes, lots, farms, industrial real estate, and construction planning. Translate

Currency Converter by Oanda (English) Convert the rate of exchange of 164 currencies including the Dominican Peso (RD$). Translate

DHL Worldwide Express (English) Global Home page. Translate

DR. CIGAR.COM (English) Premium selection of brand name Cuban and Dominican cigars for the best prices. Translate

eMarket.com (Spanish) A site for purchasing and selling online.   Translate

EMELY TOURS (English/Spanish) We've been present in the tourism sector since 1978. Our work is inspired in the philosophy of serving our clients with personalized attention and our commitment to select for you the best tourist destination for your vacations. Translate

EPS Su correo privado en la República Dominicana (Spanish) Translate

Federal Express Corporation Web site (English) Track your packages instantly. Translate

Florida Rent a Car ( English) Car rental company. Translate

Frederic Schad Inc. (English) Marine services in the Dominican Republic. Shipping Agents, Customs brokers.  Translate

Las Americas Free Zone Home Page (English/Spanish) Las Americas Free Zone is one of the Strategic Advantage Site for your off-shore manufacturing operation in the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Vehículos en la Red (Spanish) A database for shopping vehicles in the Dominican Republic. Translate

Nelly Rent-a-Car (Dominican Republic) (English/Spanish) Car rental services.  Translate

Opitel (Spanish) Market surveys, Telemarketing, Call Centers  Translate

Orange / France Telecom Dominicana (Spanish) A telecommunications provider for Telephone, Video and Data. Translate

Pagés (República Dominicana) Welcome to a main advertising agency in the Dominican Republic.   Translate

Páginas Amarillas Dominicanas / Dominican Yellow Pages (Spanish/English) Online phone listing for local business, residential and professional information through their updated electronic database.  Translate

Parque Industrial Itabo (English) One of the Strategic Advantage Site for your off-shore manufacturing operation in the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Prieto Tours (English) One of the largest travel agencies in the Dominican Republic.
Local reservations, excursions etc.   Translate

Pymes Dominicanas (Spanish). A source of information regarding small business in the Dominican Republic. Translate

Realestate.com.do  (Spanish/English) Search for real estate and properties for sale or rent from many different realtors and real estate agents in the Dominican Republic. Translate

Realtor: Century21 / Dominican Republic (English) The power of CENTURY 21 Connections offers you convenient, cost-saving products and services that simplify your total home experience. Translate

Realtor: RE-MAX Caribbean Region ( English) Serving real estate buyers and sellers. Translate

Seguros Universal  (Spanish) A local insurance company. Translate

Select Caribbean Properties
( English / Deutsch) Your real estate partner in the Dominican Republic. Properties, houses, condos, land, farms, business for sale in Sosua and Cabarete, in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Translate

Telephone Directory of the Dominican Republic (English / Spanish) Translate

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (English/Spanish) is dedicated to the promotion of trade and investment between the Dominican Republic and the United States in order to improve the standard of living of our people."  Translate

Ticket Express Online (Spanish) Without haste, lines, annoyances, receive your tickets where you want and assure your seat for the best events. Translate

Tienda Mary (Spanish / English) A store established in 1961. Translate

Tienda: Sederías California (Spanish) Online department store. Translate

Tobacco: Complete Cigar List (English) Please contact us with any cigar or pipe related questions or inquiries you might have. A B.R.M. Comment: "smoking is dangerous for your health".  Translate

TRAVEL DOCUMENT SYSTEMS. (English) TDS is a visa agency that has been helping international travelers since 1985. Works closely with the U.S.Passport Agency and Embassies representing many governments, so that international travelers can depart on very short notice.  Translate

TransUnion República Dominicana (Spanish) is the first credit bureau that effectively offers credit reports for the use of companies and individuals. These reports are generated electronically from a database developed in the Dominican Republic. Translate

UPS Courier (tracking your packages) (English) Use this form to track any UPS bar-coded package - any time, any where in the world.  Translate

World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations.  Translate

Banco Central de La República Dominicana
(Spanish) The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic web site.  Translate

Centro de Exportación e Inversión de la República Dominicana (Spanish) Dominican official agency for the promotion of exports and investments.

Comisión Presidencial para la Reforma y Modernización del Estado (Spanish) Makes pertinent recommendations to the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative branches for the pursuit of policies and national programs of reform and modernization oriented to perfect all public institutions, to deepen the democracy and to guarantee a model of development based on the fairness, the justice and the well-being of the Dominican people.   Translate

Senado de la República Dominicana (Spanish) The Senate of the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Consulados y Embajadas (Spanish) A relation of Dominican diplomatic missions overseas.  Translate

Consulates and Embassies (English) A listing of foreign Embassies and Consulates accredited to the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Contraloría General de la República The official agency for Institutional Accounting.  Translate

Corporación Dominicana de Empresas Eléctricas Estatales (Spanish) The Dominican Corporation of Electricity (C.D.E.E.E.) Maintained, until recently, the hegemony of production, transmission and distribution of electricity in the country.  Translate

Defensa Civil (Spanish) The "Civil Defense Authority". Assesses and manages all emergency actions to protect life and property and to reduce to a minimum damages and loss and to pursuit repair from all types of Disaster.   Translate

Dirección General de Impuestos Internos (DGII) (Spanish) The Internal Revenue Agency. Administers and collects Internal taxes, Income tax and Customs duties in the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Directorio del Estado (Spanish). Locate Governments and their agencies quickly. Translate

Dominican Republic / LANIC (English) by the University of Texas at Austin.   Translate

Embassies & Consulates of the Dominican Republic (English) A listing of Embassies & Consulates.  Translate

Embassy of the Dominican Republic at the United States of America (English) The information center Home page.  Translate

Fuerza Aerea de la República Dominicana (Spanish) The Dominican Air Force (F.A.D.). Its mission: to defend the National air space's integrity, sovereignty and independence.  Translate

Gobierno Dominicano (Spanish) Government Links , courtesy of the Supreme Court Of Justice. Translate

Governments on the WWW: Dominican Republic (By Gunnar Anzinger) (English) Links to Web sites of governmental institutions and political parties in Dominican Republic.  Translate

Instituto Dominicano de Tecnología Industrial (Indotec) (Spanish) A technological agency promoting the National Industry and other productive sectors of the Dominican Republic, through transference of technology, technical attendance, investigation and consultant's office, with the purpose of increasing national productivity and competitiveness.  Translate

Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones (INDOTEL) (Spanish) The Telecommunications moderating agency of the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Junta Central Electoral: (Spanish) The Dominican Electoral Board Website.  Translate

Marina de Guerra de la Republica Dominicana (Spanish) The Dominican Navy: Its mission: to defend the national maritime integrity, sovereignty and independence.  Translate

Oficina Nacional de Estadística (Spanish) Official statistics concerning the Dominican Republic

Organization of American States (OAS) (OEA) (English/Spanish/Portuguese) The Principal Forum in the hemisphere for political, economic and social dialogue.  Translate

Paticipación Ciudadana (Spanish) It assists civil society from the actions of political parties and the State. Promotes institutionalized mechanisms of dialogue between the different sectors of the civil society. Promotes actions to educate and mobilize the civil society when necesarry.  Translate

Policía Nacional de la República Dominicana (Spanish) National Police (P.N.) official Website.  Translate

Presidential Palace of the Dominican Republic (Spanish/English) A direct link to the Dominican house of government.  Translate

Procuraduría General de La República (Spanish) The Dominican Republic's General Attorney's Office. Translate

Secretaría de Estado de Agricultura (Spanish) The Secretariat of State of Agriculture plans and directs the farming policy of the country, in coordination with a general strategy of development.  Translate

Secretaría de Estado de Educación (Spanish) The Dominican Ministry of Education. Translate

Secretaría de Estado de Industria y Comercio (Spanish)  The Secretariat of State of Industry and Commerce conducts the Industrial, commercial and mining policies in accordance to public law 290-66.  Translate

Secretaría de Estado de Relaciones Exteriores Dominican Ministry of Foreign Relations.  Translate

Secretaría de Estado de Trabajo (Spanish) Secretariat of State of Labor. Ample information on the institution and its services, plus specific data on the work market. In addition, the site can make diverse interactive consultations and solve concrete labor problems.  Translate

Superintendencia de Bancos (Spanish) Supervises the Dominican financial system to enforce compliance of all applicable legislation. Translate

Superintendencia de Electricidad (Spanish) Supervises all acting agents in the entire Dominican Electrical System. Translate

Superintendencia de Salud y Riesgos Laborales (SISARIL) (Spanish) The Dominican Republic's Social Security Entity. Translate

Superintendencia de Pensiones de la República Dominicana (Spanish) The Pension Council for the Dominican Social Security System. Translate

Suprema Corte de Justicia (Spanish) The Dominican Supreme Court of Justice Web site.  Translate

Tesorería de la Seguridad Social (Spanish) The Treasury for the Dominican Social Security System. Translate

Tesorería Nacional (Spanish) A subordinated Institution hierarchically and immediately subject to the Secretariat of State of Finances.  Translate

Tourism Office Worldwide Directory (English) Your guide to official tourism information.  Translate

AFS Intercultural Programs (Dominican Republic) (English/Spanish) Is an international, voluntary, non governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.   Translate

Council Study Abroad / Dominican Republic (English) The Academic Consortium Council administers international study programs, collectively known as Council Study Centers, on behalf of a consortium of colleges and universities and currently offers over 40 programs at host institutions around the world.  Translate

Don Quijote Latin America Program / Dominican Rep. (English) A leading specialist in Spanish Language providing Spanish immersion programs. Translate

Educando     (Spanish) A Dominican Ministry Of Education website.  Translate

GRAD SCHOOLS.COM (English) The on-line source for graduate school information. Study abroad in the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Hispaniola Spanish Language School (English). Is a school specializing in Spanish for foreigners. It is located in Santo Domingo. Translate

Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo INTEC (English) Welcome to our Web Site. From here, you will have access to complete information about our campus, programs, events, admission requirements etc.   Translate

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra A local prestigious University.  Translate

Tambora y Güira (English/Spanish) This page is dedicated to all genres of the music from the Dominican Republic.  Translate

The International Education Resource Center (IERC) (English) The IERC is an overseas study abroad center serving U.S. colleges and universities sponsoring studying abroad programs in the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Universidad Iberoamericana (English) The Iberoamerican University, UNIBE, is a private non profit institution which was established in 1982. It offers college degrees in Law, Business, Architecture, Marketing, Theology, Arts, Dentistry, Medicine Computer Science, Psychology and Interior Design.  Translate

Universidad Apec (English) APEC is a non-profit, private educational institution, founded by a group of Dominican businessmen and professionals in 1964. Translate

Universidad Católica Santo Domingo (Spanish) A local Catholic University, sponsored by the Fundación Universitaria Católica Inc.   Translate

Universidad De La Tercera Edad (Spanish) An institution of higher education in the Dominican Republic that undertakes the educational orientation of adults. Translate

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (Spanish) A local University.  Translate

Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago (UTESA) (Spanish). A Dominican private university with its main headquarters located at Santiago de Los Caballeros and four additional extensions throughout the country. Translate

WorldWide Classroon / Dominican Republic Schools (English) A compilation of intercultural and educational programs around the world which welcome international visitors. They include: University Study, Adult Enrichment, Foreign Language Immersion, Teen Camps, Volunteerism, Internships, Cultural, Craft and Heritage Programs.  Translate


Asociación de Cronistas de Arte (Acroarte) (Spanish). The Dominican Association of Columnist of Arts. Translate

CIA - The World Factbook (Dominican Republic) (English) Country by country information. Translate

Dominican Data (Spanish) History, geography, tourist information and a picture gallery of the Dominican Republic. Translate

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - A Country Study (English) Prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. Translate  

Dominican Republic Almanac (English) Statistics and overview information of the country from Microsoft Expedia. Translate

Dominican Republic National Anthem. Himno Nacional de La República Dominicana  Translate

Dominican Republic (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).  Translate

Iruta.net (Spanish) Maps, directions. Tell us where you are and we will get you there Translate

La Página del Idioma Español (Spanish) Created April, 1996 in order to contribute to the preservation, unit and purity of our language. Information to solve doubts on the Spanish language: dictionaries, grammar, translations, Literature, etc.  Translate

Latin-American Art Museum. (English/Spanish) Virtual museum devoted to exhibit art works by Dominican painter Fernando Ureña Rib.  Translate

Living, Working & Investing In The Dominican Republic (English) A guide for living there.  Translate

Quisqueya Alternative Destination (English) Links related to environmental and sustainable tourism in Dominican Republic.  Translate

World Time Server (English) Provides accurate current local times on the Internet. It makes real time adjustments for Daylight Saving Time. No matter what time zone a country or city is located in, this site is an excellent resource for determining any time, anywhere.  Translate

World Timezones Map with current time (English) Provides accurate current local times on the Internet.  Translate

Health, Disaster Relief


Ciudad del Vaticano / La Santa Sede (English - Spanish). The official site of the Holy See.  Translate

Hermandad Inc. (English) A private, not-for-profit development agency founded in the United States in 1975. Its philosophy holds that all human beings have dignity and have a right to full integral development and a decent standard of living. For the last decade and a half, Hermandad has concentrated its efforts in the rural south-west sector of Dominican Republic.  Translate

Instituto Espaillat Cabral A center for specialized medical services in the area of Ophthalmology. Translate

Jesuit Refugee Service (English) JRS serves refugees and immigrants from neighboring Haiti, in association with NGOs of the Dominican-Haitian Solidarity Network (REDH).  Translate

Programa de la Naciones Unidas Para El Desarrollo en la República Domincana (PNUD) (Spanish) Helping developing countries and to which they are in transition process (from centralized economies to market economies), to establish capacity for the " sustainable human development ": the development centered in the human being.   Translate

Rotary Club (English) The Puerto Plata Rotary Club meets Thursdays 8:00 PM, at the Puerto Plata Beach Resort.  Translate



AboutResort.com  (English) an online web directory relate to resort, vacation rental, resort reservation, room services, spa resort, resort around the world.  Translate

A Drivers Guide to The Dominican Republic (Spanish) by the Rent-A-Car Association Inc. Translate

Caribbean-On-Line (Dominican Republic). Travel and Vacation Guide with Maps. Translate

Casa de Campo (English) World famous resort at La Romana, Dominican Republic  Translate

Colonial Zone  (English) A complete guide to The Colonial Zone. The Colonial Zone is a small town nestled in the capital city, Santo Domingo.  Translate 

Constanza (Spanish / English) A website dedicated to the city of Constanza, the highest city in the country and the Caribbean. At 1200 meters above sea level and an average yearly temperature of 18 degrees centigrade makes it a paradise at the tropics. Translate

Coral Hotels & Resorts (English) Thank you for visiting us. Please enjoy looking around our beautiful resorts, and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Translate

Debbie's Travel Page (English) Travel related links to the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Diving: The Neptuno Diving Center (English) the Neptuno Dive Center is a diving school located on the south coast of the Dominican Republic. Translate

Dominican Republic Guide (English) Find out about the Dominican Republic's distinctive people, history, culture, and lifestyle.  Translate

Dominican Republic.com (English/Spanish/French) An internet portal of the Dominican Republic. General info, News, Chat, Booking Engines. Translate

dr1.com.  (English) Dominican Republic News & Travel Information Service. Translate http://www.dr1.com 

DR-ProTravel (German) Great source of travel information regarding the Dominican Republic. DR-ProTravel vermittelt Ihnen Pauschalreisen aller Reiseveranstalter in die Dominikanische Republik oder auch nur touristische Einzelleistungen, wie Hotels, Transfers, Ausflüge und Mietwagen. Translate

Dominican Republic Golf Vacations  (English)  Golf vacation destination guide for Dominican Republic  Translate

Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding school in Cabarete (English) 

Hotels: Search For Hotels by Utell International (English) Click on a continent to look for our associate members.  Translate

Hotel Moorea Beach (Las Galeras Samaná) (English) Translate

HotelsTravel.com (English) Hotels and travel on the net. Your connection to over 100,000 destinations.  Translate

Iruta.net (Spanish) Maps, directions. Tell us where you are and we will get you there Translate

Kobi Rent (English) Car Rental in the Puerto Plata area. Translate

La Romana and all Points East in the Dominican Republic (English) Make the best of your vacation by visiting the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Natura Cabaña bungalows. (English) Located at Cabarete, Puerto Plata. A peacefull, healthy and tranquile surrounding. Translate

Restaurante Vesuvio (English/Spanish/Deutsche) The First Italian Restaurant of Santo Domingo, founded in 1954.  Translate

Sea Horse Ranch (English)  Luxury Caribbean villas for sale with gated exclusivity on the north coast of the Dominican Republic offering a wide range of Real Estate opportunities.  Translate

The Home Key Management (English) Villa and Apartment rental in Bahía de Arena and other fine places in Cabarete. Translate

TravelGolf.com (Dominican Republic) (English) Playing Golf in the Dominican Republic. Translate

Travel Guide - Travellerspoint is a free worldwide travel community with tools and services to help travellers before, during and after their trip.  Translate

Travel in Style (English) Get the best deal as well as service in the Dominican Republic booking hotel and transport through Travel in Style.   Translate

Windsurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic (English) Windsurfing sites.  Translate

WWW Hispaniola.com (English) An impressive well designed site with Dominican travel and lodging services.  Translate


Código Civil de La República Dominicana (Spanish) The Dominican Republic Civil Code. Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided. Acrobat Reader required. You may download from here.

Código de Comercio de La República Dominicana (Spanish) The Dominican Republic Commerce Code. Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided. Acrobat Reader required. You may download from here.

Código Penal de La República Dominicana (Spanish) The Dominican Republic Penal Code. Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided. Acrobat Reader required. You may download from here.

Código Procesal Penal de La República Dominicana (Spanish) The new Dominican Republic Penal Procedural Code. Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided.  Acrobat Reader required. You may download from here.

Código de Trabajo de La República Dominicana (Spanish) The Dominican Republic Labor Code. Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided. Acrobat Reader required. You may download from here.

Código Tributario de la República Dominicana (Spanish) The Dominican Tax Code Translate

Constitución de la República Dominicana (Spanish). Full text of the Dominican Constitution, courtesy of Georgetown university and the Organization of American States OAS.  Translate

Dominican Republic Law Firms (Hieros Gamos) (English). Law and Legal Research Center Translate

Indice Temático Legal (Spanish) A "free" Dominican Legal Database on legislation applicable to specific topics. The plaintext of the legislation is not included.  Translate

Info-Compu (Spanish) Online information regarding the Dominican Republic, i.e. economy, politics, etc.  Translate

Informe Judicial.Com (Spanish). Offers a wealth of free legal information concerning the Dominican Republic. Translate

Instituto Dominicano de Seguros Sociales (Spanish). Ley de Seguridad Social. The Dominican Social Security Law.  Translate

Ley 136-03 (Ley 136-2003) (Spanish). Que crea el Código para el Sistema de Protección y los Derechos Fundamentales de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes (Código del Menor). Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided. Acrobat Reader required. You may download from here.

Ley 20-00 sobre Propiedad Industrial de la República Dominicana (Spanish) Industrial Property Law 20-2000 and/or Law 20-00, relative to Patents, Industrial Designs, Commercial Names, Trademarks. Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided. Acrobat Reader. You may download from here.

Ley 87-01 y/o Ley 87-2001 que crea el Sistema Dominicano de Seguridad Social (Spanish). The Dominican Republic's Social Security Law. Must register first to our free Legal Database and then use the passwords as provided. Acrobat Reader required. You may download from here.

LEY DE RECTIFICACIÓN TRIBUTARIA, No. 495-06 ó Ley 495-2006  Modifies the Dominican Fiscal Code, also called "Código Tributario Dominicano",

Prestaciones Laborables (Cálculo). (Spanish) Automated online calculation of "Workable Benefits" for employees (fringe benefits) (severance pay)in the Dominican Republic, courtesy of the Secretariat of State of Labor.  Translate

Procuraduría General de La República (Spanish) The Dominican Republic's General Attorney's Office. Translate

Superintendencia de Salud y Riesgos Laborales (SISARIL) (Spanish) The Dominican Republic's Social Security Entity. Translate

Suprema Corte de Justicia (Spanish) The Dominican Supreme Court of Justice Web site.  Translate

The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) (English) Provides a database of national laws from contributing countries around the world accessed from a World Wide Web server of the U.S. Library of Congress.  Translate

Welcome to Finjus Online (English/Spanish) A non-profit and non-partisan organization based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Ongoing mission is to initiate and promote intellectual activities, disseminate information related to the state of the Dominican judicial sector, and to contribute to the establishment of an independent and efficient Judicial Branch of government in the Dominican Republic.  Translate

Altavista Translations (English) Translate Dominican media from Spanish into a wealth of languages.  Translate

CanalSur.com (Spanish) Latin America news update.  Translate

Diario Libre Online (Spanish)  Dominican morning newspaper.  Translate

Dominican Republic Newspapers: Diario Libre Online , El Caribe , El Nacional , HOY / Edición Digital , Listín Diario Digital , CLAVE DIGITAL

El Caribe (Spanish) Dominican morning newspaper.  Translate

El Nacional (Spanish) Dominican afternoon newspaper  Translate

Emisoras de radio en español, país por país (incluye a la Rep. Dominicana) (Spanish) "Live" radio stations in Spanish. "Real Player" required.  Translate

Estaciones de la República Dominicana en la red (Spanish) Dominican Radio Stations and TV Stations on the web.  Translate

Estrella 90 - HIWP  90.5 FM  Hear "live" FM broadcast transmission

HOY / Edición Digital (Spanish) Dominican morning newspaper.

LA 91 FM (Santo Domingo) Hear "live" FM broadcast transmission of Teo Veras world class Dominican radio station. Keep up to date with his local morning news program. A must for all Dominicans living overseas.  Translate

Listín Diario Digital (Spanish) Dominican morning newspaper.  Translate

Livio.com (Spanish) Dominican Web portal. Translate

News and Newspapers Online (English) Links to newspapers world wide including the Dominican Republic media.  Translate

Radio-Locator (English)  A radio station search engine on the internet  Translate

Stocks Online

Enter Ticker Symbol



Trademarks; Automatic Trademark Submission Form (English) Search and Record your Trademarks in the Dominican Republic through this form.  Translate

Trademark Registration in the Dominican Republic (English) Our Trademark Attorneys in the Dominican Republic will register your trademark in the Dominican Republic. Translate


Dominican Republic Weather    National Weather Service / Dominican RepublicTropical Prediction Center/ Hurricane CenterThe Weather UndergroundPalm Beach PostWashington Post Weather , Dominican Republic Weather Forecasts on Yahoo! Weather 

Dominican Republic Weather Forecasts on Yahoo! Weather 

Doppler Radar located at Punta Cana

FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency (English) disaster mitigation, preparedness, response & recovery.  Translate

National Weather Service / Dominican Republic (English) Current weather conditions for the Dominican Republic. Translate

Tropical Prediction Center/ Hurricane Center (English) Latest advisories for hurricanes and tropical disturbances in the Atlantic and Caribbean.  Translate

Tropical Update (English) Track severe weather storms during the Hurricane season (July 1 through November 1) Translate

The Weather Underground (English) Find the Weather for any City, State, Zip Code, or Country.  Translate

Washington Post Weather (English) Weather for selected cities in the Dominican Republic.   Translate

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